Volunteer and Leadership

Engineers in Action/
Bridges to Prosperity

I volunteered with EIA and B2P for 7 years. Our mission was to reduce the pain and suffering of rurally isolated people by helping them build pedestrian bridges. These bridges allowed them to access markets, hospitals, and schools during the rainy season. I worked on three construction sites in Nicaragua, and supported several other projects from the United States. I lead the Iowa chapter of EIA for two years, and acted as their advisor for two years after that.

Cleantech Open

At Cleantech Open, I was the Acceleration Program Chair for the US West division. We organized a program that helped advance startups in the clean technology area. There were tons of startups that showed promise. I was lucky enough to win the Volunteer of the Year Award!

Grand Challenges Scholars Program/
National Academy of Engineering

My experience with GCSP started with a desire to build my undergraduate degree around a specific set of ideas, and I wanted to do something about climate change. So I focused my classes, research, and future goals around this grand challenge. This led to me joining another group of students on a panel to discuss the GCSP with the NAE in Washington, D.C.

Iowa City Stormwater Volunteer Opportunities

I started a regular event where myself and some friends would get big groups of people together to clean up trash and invasive plants along the Iowa City waterways. My best (worst?) find was a giant pile of broken toothbrushes on a dead-end street.

University of Iowa Student Government

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