One of my favorite things to do in my free time is Geocaching, which is sort of a worldwide treasure hunt. There are many physical and mental challenges to overcome, and it ranges from easy to incredibly difficult. I mostly enjoy finding Geocaches, but I’ve also hid one of the most challenging caches in the Bay Area.

Pictured: Me hiding a Geocache, 30 feet up in a tree


I am also a longtime (since 2015) player of QONQR, a location-based game where you fight to control the zones around you. It has a good balance between strategy and persistence, and it’s fun to play with people who live near you.


I have been an on and off user of Duolingo, which I’ve used to learn Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Esperanto (the Universal language, lol). The only language I’m currently keeping up with is Spanish, and I just recently passed the 1 year streak milestone! Add me (@nateweger) if you also use Duolingo and want to share your progress.


I’ve played chess my whole life. In elementary school, I was one of the best players in chess club and even went to a few tournaments. Since then, my chess game has been much less serious. If you’d like to play, add me on (@nateweger), my Daily rating is around 1200-1300. I don’t usually play live games, Bullet games stress me out and Rapid games take too long.

Pictured: What’s the best move? White to play

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